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Oil on Canvas Paintings

Serving the area for over 20 years.


Limitless possibilities...

Inspired by all that exists around me... nurtured by colour, dream and song...

sustained by joy, hope & passion!

  If ever anyone wishes to own one of my paintings, you can rest assured in the love with which it was created!

I embrace ideas, wishes, colour stories... tailored to your vision and dream!


                                                * My work has found a haven in homes across the U.K., U.S. & Europe

"A great talent with an exquisite touch! He masters the fusion between colour, light and contrast in a distinctively bold and gripping way! 
It’s such a rewardin​g feeling and a privilege to own his art pieces and I’m looking forward to my next addition!"

Daniela Phillips (Derbyshire)

(Architect, Art Collector - Owner of several paintings made by the artist)

"An amazing, talented artist, known to us personally over many years. We love his work and the way in which it is created!

Highly recommend!"

Laura S. (London)

(Art Promoter - Owner of paintings made by the artist)

"Excellence! Passion in its rare form!

The side of perfection and joy we love to experience as art lovers!

Highly recommend!"

Kronstadt Gallery

(Gallery Owner - Art Collection, Sale, Promotion)